the most popular images type

JPEG type consists of 5 extensions JPG, JPEG, JFIF, PJPEG and PJP, the famous one is JPG for get a medium compression it a good choice and if you selected a higher compression we recommended convert to WEBP type after click on quality option, it excellent choice to help your website to load faster and for PNG type use compressor png.

compress JPEG image in just milliseconds or few seconds to reduce size of multiple JPG in KB, resize JPG, max upload file size 100 MB and choose JPG load time as you need that's easy way to share on social media with friends, send by email and more..

compressor jpg is founded to reduce android photo without losing quality only jpeg type but if you need supported images types upto 10 just visit compressor image is easy and fast way to reduce images size up to 20 image at once, there is more advanced way to resize image with some additional options to get aspect ratio and cut image.

compress as
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what can you do for optimize and resize JPG?

  1. by default the photo name will be compressorjpg-"upload name", you can edit name and select type from extensions.
  2. convert JPG to WEBP make your image high compression, perfect load time and good quality.
  3. select number of quality as you want between 10 and 100 for customized image result to good quality and good size or vice versa.
  4. blur option make more controller to reduce JPG size and sometimes make the image good quality.
  5. smoothing pixels the property of image that remove the sharp pixels from appear which mean if it turn on the algorithm make the pixels blur and if it turn off will sharpness the pixels.
  6. resize JPG as you need for social media and your website to load faster, get best performance, higher rank in search engine and reduce website bandwidth.
  7. compare between two pictures with zoom application for make sure from good quality.
  8. see the difference between size and load time in image details.

consider resize photo a good solution when search on quality or reduce jpg size with know max dimensions on compressor jpg is 16383, easy and fast to use for edit your options before or after select or drop files of images.

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